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3/25/2020 Open letter to those wishing to have a puppy soon:

Thank you for your interest in our dogs!  While we were planning on a possible litter this year, I am changing plan as of today. 

Unfortunately, I will not have any puppies in the coming months, likely not until early 2021 at this point.  Anyone with puppies now or doing breedings right now is struggling to both sell their puppies, and ensure they get a good start in life due to limited veterinary services, no puppy training classes available and a lot of socialization opportunities removed from daily life.  It would be irresponsible for me to do so, until the country recovers from COVID19.  I am not interested in adding to the population until things settle down.  My obligation is to ensure the best life for the pups we cause to be born.  

While my inquiries are through the roof right now, its only because everyone is bored, home for the time being, and wants to have something for the kids to do.  These are not the right reasons to obtain a new puppy.  I know some will rush to do so, and I wish you luck.

If you're one of the lucky ones, un-impacted by financial or employment challenges, I highly recommend you foster a shelter dog while you've got time at home.  You will both help a pet in need, and gain dog experience in general.  Shelters are reducing or waiving adoption fees in many cases, and seeking foster homes to lighten the burden on staff and facilities.  Many other dogs will inevitably be "disposed" of at shelters as people go through hardships unavoidable due to the pandemic.  Emptying one shelter spot can make a great difference.

www.bmdca.org is the national club site, and a breeder referral can be found there.  There are still breeders having puppies.

Be healthy, practice safe precautionary methods, and continue to stay physically distant but emotionally connected with those you love.  As with the rest of the world, we look forward to getting back to normal someday soon. 

Warm regards,


Member:  BMD Club of Nashoba Valley (New England)
Member: Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America


Kiera - A Solid Foundation

The Foundation of Spellbound Bernese                       
Ch. Southwind Leave Me Spellbound

The Foundation of Spellbound Bernese
Ch. Southwind Leave Me Spellbound


Ch. Spellbound Gimme Some Tschugga

Ch. Spellbound Gimme Some Tschugga

Spellbound was established in 1999. We've had the pleasure of many dogs in our own lives, and enjoy sharing our experience, our love for the beautiful Bernese and our wonderful puppies with many families.  

Are you looking for a puppy?

If you are hoping to add a new puppy to your family, please send us an email inquiry first.  Our next litter is likely early 2021.  More details upon request.      

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Dayna & Scott Merrow
Located in Westchester County area of NY
Dayna's Cell Phone:  603 - 986 - 0563  
Email: spellboundbernese@gmail.com
Camden, his dam Kiera, sister Darby, February, 2007

Camden, his dam Kiera, sister Darby, February, 2007