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Since 1999, we have been blessed with the loving companionship of our Bernese Mountain Dogs!  Originally from New Hampshire, we left New England for a 6-year stint in the Chicago suburbs, where Scott worked as COO at Chicago Youth Centers. We wanted to come closer to home and family that we missed so much.  He was able to find a great role as Executive Director for another youth organization, so we are now located in northern Westchester County, NY.  Despite the pandemic happening soon after we arrived, we have enjoyed getting to know the area.  It has been great getting back east, closer to home and family.  They share our love for dogs and we visit or have visitors often!

If you are seeking a new puppy to add to your family, please understand that with today's environment, and limitations on services, it may not be the best situation in some cases.  As of this writing, February 1, 2022, veterinary services remain limited; puppy classes and play groups are in high demand, and some remain limited; socialization opportunities are harder to come by in some locations; and you may struggle to find the chance to learn how to train your own puppy!  Should you obtain a puppy during this strange time in our lives, please make every effort to learn about training and socializing a dog PRIOR to getting your pup.  It is imperative that any dog, especially a sensitive breed such as the Berner, be properly trained and well-socialized in order to live a full life, where she is welcomed in a human world!  It is likely we will only sell pups to experienced homes based on these factors.  

We will not likely have puppies available soon.  Plan to wait or cast a wide net in your search for a puppy.  If you are searching for your own Bernese Puppy, please see the national club site at www.bmdca.org for the breeder referral list, seek out the regional breed club breeder referral as well.  Thank you!

Member:  BMD Club of Nashoba Valley (New England)
Member: Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America


Kiera - A Solid Foundation

The Foundation of Spellbound Bernese                       Ch. Southwind Leave Me Spellbound

The Foundation of Spellbound Bernese Ch. Southwind Leave Me Spellbound


Ch. Spellbound Gimme Some Tschugga

Ch. Spellbound Gimme Some Tschugga


Are you looking for a puppy?

Our next hopeful litter is likely already spoken for, but if you are open to waiting, send an email to spellboundbernese@gmail.com.

Go to www.bmdca.org for breeder referral lists.

Thank you for visiting!  (updated 2/1/2022)

Dayna & Scott Merrow
Located in Westchester County area of NY
Camden, his dam Kiera, sister Darby, February, 2007

Camden, his dam Kiera, sister Darby, February, 2007