Why does it matter, how you raise a puppy?

It defines their future!  Our passion for raising puppies is very real...I love the process of the birth of new life.  I have learned the skills to identify when and if we need to intervene.  Birth of puppies can be via c-section or a very natural process, it depends on the mom and many factors affecting her in the moment.  Both are fascinating to me.  We cherish it, and the result, no matter how it occurs.  

The process of creating a little life, born so immature without sight and hearing, so dependent upon their mother and us to provide a safe environment is so magical!  With our steady nurturing, training and socializing through the first 9 weeks of life, helps them to become a sound puppy, ready for all that life brings.  

I love teaching them through enriching opportunities - watching them learn, absorb, take chances, try new things, succeed at the first attempt, or fail and try again.  To watch a puppy have a "lightbulb moment" when to understand what you're asking of them, is so rewarding!  From the first toddle around the whelping box, to learning how to gait happily and willingly at the end of a lead; from the first slurp of puppy mash to chewing raw meaty bones with ease;  to the first successful "sit", to the first obedience title...I am amazed every time.  Their fast development never ceases to amaze me.  

We work extremely hard the first 8 weeks of our puppies' lives.  We give up sleep.  We give up time with each other.  We continually offer them socialization opportunities, exposure to sounds, sights and adventures, and introduce them to new challenges throughout their time with us.  They change on so many levels in such a short time that it literally defines their future!  We take this job very seriously, and are proud to produce puppies with sound temperaments, that are so positively enriched at such young age, that they have no reason not to reach their fullest potential.  

The job then becomes yours - we expect you to take it seriously as well.  Raising a puppy is no small undertaking!