Our Families Have Said Nice Things...

From Stephanie F. in MA, in response to an email that one of our prospective puppy owners sent asking about co-owning a dog with us: 

Hi Xxxx,   

Congratulations!!  Dayna & Scott pick their puppy people very carefully.   

We co-own two dogs with Dayna.  Our experience with this has only been positive. She is a wealth of information, knows the breed inside and out.   She encourages training and is there to answer any, and I mean any question that you may have.  Dayna really wants her puppies to get the best start in life and co-owning, is very important to her so she can help with that, and I believe co-owning is her commitment to make sure her puppies stay happy and healthy.  She does not push anything on you she just encourages you to do what is best for your puppy always. 

So, not sure what your reservations are, but I hope this helps to alleviate them.  

We love Dayna.  Both of our dogs are beautiful, healthy, happy, and we love them very much!  This is a beautiful breed you are going to own and they were bred by a responsible, in our opinion, absolutely excellent breeder.   

Please if you have any other concerns do not hesitate to contact us. Good luck with your new puppy they are the best! 

Stephanie F.

From Debbie D. in NH, after having concerns about the food she was feeding Kodi:

Have I told you how nice it is to have you to turn to?

You are the bestest!  Again, I knew Beneful was junk, but if I could get him to eat something, I was a happy girl.  I will read up on these and get him off that garbage - LOL.  Told Bob that I just love how you are - I am very similar - just say it like it is!!! 

Hope life is grand for you in your new home and your new town!

From Denise S. of MN, after getting to know her new puppy for a couple of weeks: 

Hi There - 
Just want to check in with you and your thoughts for the best time for weaning Berners off of their lunch meal? My vet recommended at 3 months of age. 

Also....since it is my work from home day. I snuck out over lunch and took Maxwell up to my friends dog training center so she could meet him (conveniently located 5 minutes from my house). They had several agility classes going on which meant noise, tails wagging, excitement. Maxwell was awesome. He did great sit/waits at the doors. He greeted everyone so politely. He was confident and mannerly. My friend loved him. She let us go into her obedience training side of the building and he did great with recalls. Also...he impressed her with his right on hand touches and attentiveness. She loved him! He's so good in the car, too. You make awesome puppies!!!

From Mary W. in Maine - a Facebook posting to the next Spellbound Families:
So as your puppies grow and the owners get more and more excited for them, I have to tell you publicly how in love I am with not only my dog, but you and Scott as well. I feel like I hit the lottery. I've owned dogs all my life from some very good (and some not so good) breeders, but you guys are the whole package. I love how you're just as excited as we are when our pups are doing something fun or silly, and mostly how I know when I'm worried I'm not alone, because you're right there worrying with me and offering advice.

Thank you again for opening your home to strangers and for giving us what is proving to be not only my best buddy, but my comfort in this time of great sadness in my life. You guys are the best! To all your future owners, feel blessed not just lucky you're in great hands!  PS I'm so proud of Millie I want to drive to Boston to show her off to you heehee!!!​